To request a service for your Suunto product, just follow these steps:

1. – Prepare a package with the watch well protected:

  • Do not send original boxes, instructions(we cant return them due to the shipping weight)
  • Do not include cables, charger or accessories, if they are not related to the repair.
  • Use as small and light package as possible, more economic and easier to handle.
  • If the unit is a heart rate monitor, include the HR Belt transmitter.
  • The strips of cloth have to send clean and dry.
  • ALWAYS include a COPY of the purchase ticket if the unit is under warranty.
  • Before closing the package, remember to include a PRINTED COPY of the request you filled. It can be printed either from the confirmation sent to your e-mail or directly from the browser, just do not forget to attach a printed copy.

Use the following exact address for the shipping:

C / Ponzano, 4
28010 Madrid, Spain

2. – Fill in the Repair Order
Stores and Suunto dealers, please use the following Retailer Repair Order form.

Fill out one Repair Order for each watch.

  • The serial number is printed on the case bottom. Eg: Serial No: 12345678
  • Indicate a DETAILED description of the problem as accurate as possible. Tell us bit more than»Not working» or «Check».
  • Give us 3-4 hour time slot for courier pick up, to avoid problems with the pick up, we recommend use either from 10 to 14 hours or 17 to 20 hours.
  • Select the payment method if the unit is out of warranty, we will take this in count when we send you the cost estimation.
  • After completing all requested fields, press SEND.
  • When everything is completed successfully you will see a summary screen of your Repair Order. A copy of the Order will be sent to your email, please save it until you receive your unit back.

3. – Print your Repair Order

  • Print the Repair Order from the browser screen or from your email inbox(if you do not receive it, check your spam folder) and insert the printed copy in the package.
  • Remember to include a copy of the ticket or purchase receipt if under warranty.
  • Now, you can close the package.

4. – What happens after we receive your Repair Order?

  • Under warranty units: we will contact you via e-mail to confirm the pick up. After you receive our e-mail, just make sure that the package is ready to pick up in the requested time.
  • Out of Warranty units: you have can send the unit to our address by any method you like but shipping on your cost.

If you are located in Madrid, our recommendation is to visit our shop in person and bring your watch. All minor repairs like batteries and straps are done while waiting (15-30min) and all other repairs usually 24-48hours.

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.