How to pair Ambit3 with Android Movescount App

Movescount Android betaPairing your Ambit3 and Android Movescount beta can be tricky, here are a few steps to try.

1. Before connecting/pairing make sure that

  • Ambit3 is unpaired. To check this, do following…
    • On your Ambit3 long press Next-button to enter Options
    • Navigate to Pair
    • Then to MobileApp
    • If it says already paired, press Unpair
  • There are no Ambit devices shown on your Android bluetooth settings.
    • On your phone, go to Settings
    • On settings, go to Bluetooth and you see a list of paired devices.
    • Make sure there is no Ambit3 on the list

2. To Pair

  • On Android
    • Start Movescount app
    • Sign in to Movescount, if you have not done it already.
    • Open Ambit3 from upper left menu.
  • On Ambit3
    • Long press Next-button to enter Options
    • Navigate to Pair
    • Then to MobileApp
    • Ambit3 should then start he pairing process
  • After a while on the screen of your phone should pop up to two notifications.
    • First your phone asks to pair
    • Then you are asked for the pin from the Ambit3 screen to finalize the pairing process.

There is Android bug in 5.0.x that causes PIN dialog to not show in some devices. Android 4.x and 5.1 seem to work much better

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